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are you a barber=shop quartet, make up ya own songs

lessthan3 responds:

No, we're a band. And we do make up our own songs. It's called a cover, idiot.

What can i say

this is a brilliant track.... thats it....anyone who hasn't listened to this needs to, an outstanding track. I CAN'T STOP LISTNENING TO IT. i have listened to your others and i can safely say this is the best (though the others are kick ass too) keep up the good work.

f2x1 responds:

LISTEN UP PEOPLE If the flow for yhis masterpice will continue i will reBuild it in FL 5 (because it was made in the Fruity Loops 3),and upload the better quality version!
To ZooL152004 ;)
ThanX for the rewiev!
I hope other's will enjoy it as you did!

only voted 0 cause its not all of it :D

but it sounds pretty clear, althougb its a bit LLOOOUUUUUDDDDDDDDDD :@ you may wanna play it in a higher tone too, a bit too draggy if that makes sense.

though i rated it 5/5 on site there's one thing

LYRICS, if this track had lyrics it would be gladly pay money to hear it, though the tune rocks ass a few words would make the tune Sabbath Standard. keep up the good rock/
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Scrogginaut responds:

Yeh dude! thanks for the review. This is the song my band are doing for a rockquest competition and we are trying to make lyrics up, and i cant sing cause no-one wants to hear a pre-pubescent 13 year old trying to sing do they?

5/5 nice work

i like this tune alot, just when i thought it sounded a bit samey a whole new song emerged outta the middle. nicely done and a tune i'll kep listening to.
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PERVOK responds:

thanx man. and if yer wonderin...i dont think u wanna listen to the original Waiting. I made it during my stupid times...y now...when i first started. So thanx again, hope u like other songz.

I am a fairly chilled out guy, sometimes i try to make funny toons with a duck, other times i make tunes as a panda

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