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100% true

what can i say, awesome, who ever don't vote 5 sucks balls, good work

Frankiedaman responds:

Thank you kindly!


With graphics that rival the film and jokes that require stitches, how can speilberg compete. ROCK ON BLACKBALL 5/5


why in hell isn't this frontpage material, damn you newgrounds, DDAAAMMMNNN YYOOOUUUU. anyhoo, the slow mo bullet blew me away, you can tell how much effort you put in. can't wait for number 7, if you keep improving every episode you'll be workin for pixar in no time.


sends a valuable message across in a funny way, love it

what a waste

never heard of the guy either but it seems like he was a good frame artist, shame really but i have to say to all those people saying that it was some kinda video game related incident or movie deal. i heard of a guy who did worse than that on the news and his family said he never watched any violent movies or games, he was a christian (not that it matters now).
i won't bother with all the "i liked that bit" or "sound was good" because (with no disrespect) he ain't gonna respond now is he


this is the third time i've watched this and it's still funny. good job

Invisiduck responds:

your only saying that cauise i bigged you up on the review below, but hey, have art will travel. looking forward to the next been moooooovie, as it shall contain lots of violence and hopefully random swearing, further more, you still owe me ten pounds, bitch


That was f**king hilarious man, i haven't laughed so hard since "dads home". its completely random but at the same time delivers what it promises lol. keep up the good work dude, you got mad skillz. 10/10

nice work yet again my friend

Good work, somehow you just keep improving every episode. i only took a point of off sound to standground to hl2 because halo music didn't really fit in. but thats just me being an anti-halo guy (don't spear me). anyways. great work and keep um coming

not bad but we got the point after the third zom

even though i watched it all, i could have stopped after the near death dramatic knockout. too much boxing and no offence to the guy playing but.... you seriously need zombie boxing training. you may have been putting it on to make the movie more exciting but it made it look taccy. whoever did the mapping needs some tutorials too. it wouldn't be too hard for you to make a proper boxing ring in doom3 style.
other than that i think the file size was a bit big for such a small idea. keep those ideas flowing though and work on the mapping and sounds for future (if you are considering them) projects in doom3 video style.
don't get me wrong, i think it was good but needs inprovement.

i have to admit

when i first watch this i felt a bit bored at the start but when he gets hit with all those assortments its so f**king funny i nearly went blind.
The only reason you have gotten bad ratings is because others probably watched 4 seconds, knew it wasn't knox and then closed the window and voted 1 or 2.
Well my friend, this claymation kicked serious bootay and should appear on the front page more times then the clay guy gets hit by stuff. excellent work and ignore all the muppets who voted badly...
Ya gotta keep making this stuff..... Actually, knox is off my list of favourite authors. you just took his spot. 2clay. 5/5

buddy14 responds:

thank you!! And I think your right about the watching this for 4 seconds then going, "Not knox bye.." Well thank you for the great comment! And thanks for adding me to your list!! And i will keep makeing them. thx again!

I am a fairly chilled out guy, sometimes i try to make funny toons with a duck, other times i make tunes as a panda

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